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Cold spray granulation drying
Scope of application
This equipment is suitable for the cold spray granulation drying of solid such as plastic additives, food additives, chemical additives, stearic acid, monoglyceride, paraffin and the molten chemistry material such as fat powder, palm oil, polyethylene resin, amino fatty acid, paraffin, triglycerides, tallow, food additives, and plastic additives. The indicators have reached the international advanced level and it can satisfy the customers’ requirements on product size.
Technical characteristics
1、 Turbo air distributor of special design which is based on the basic principle of the aerodynamics and fluid mechanics strengthens the heat exchange between the cold air and the hot molten droplet. At the same time, air intake system employs inverse-parallel flow mode to ensure the hot melt droplets are fully and effectively cooled by cold air to complete the cooling granulating process.
2、 Prilling tower uses jacketed cooling device to ensure that there is no molten material attached to the inner wall of the prilling tower. "Low cap type" exhaust structural equipment ensures that more than 90% of the finished product is collected at the bottom of the prilling tower. Only a small amount of powder goes into a cyclone separator so that the gas-solid separation pressure of cyclone is reduced.
3、The purification level of the air entering the system of prilling tower reaches the level of three hundred thousand or above with three stage filtration done.
4、 Pilling tower wall, powder outlet pipeline and cyclone separator are made of SUS304/BA mirror stainless steel plates. All welding is done by means of argon arc welding. The weld lines are polished with polishing precision of 0.3μ. It prevents effectively “accumulation of powder and/or materials” in the pipeline. The powder outlet pipeline and cyclone separator are provided with quick access for ease of disassembly, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. It is in full compliance with the requirements of food hygiene.
5、 Product recovery system is provided with a special secondary fluidized bed cooling and drying device to cool and dry further the spray granulation powder. The finished products that have been fully cooled and dried can be directly packaged because of good mobility and low temperature.
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