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1. Users select different atomization methods,according to their own products’ use or the particle size of the final product.
2.According to their own market demand , users can convert hourly powder production into hourly Water evaporation capacity
(Dry powder kilograms divided the percentage of solids content, then multiplied by the percentage of water content what is the hourly moisture dry quantity and then you can get the size of my company's machines)
3.According to the size and shape of their own powder and the calculated moisture dry quantity, the user can determine the model.
For example,pressure nozzle type is preferable to milk powder , Centrifugal is preferable to flour production , two fluid atomization is preferable to lithium battery with the requirement of round and small particles.
4. Under the same conditions, The horizontal fluidized spray dryer we have developed is a rare patented product with characteristic of Low power consumption,Low plant height,Simple operation and moderate price.
5. with the Continued expansion of Spray drying applications, it is difficult to determine spray-drying method straightforward。Our many dedicated spray dryerswait for your patronage such as production of heat-sensitive enzymes,vaccine,pure fruit powder containing sugars,spray drying after easily oxidized materials microencapsulated,evaporation of the organic solvent must be closed cycle,production of some spray cooling granulation after hot-melt such as paraffin material etc.we have accumulated a lot of experience of the dedicated spray drying.
6. Spray drying is a specialized device changing liquid into powder.The liquid referred to here may be water or a solvent or heated to melt into a liquid.If you have demand in this area please call us.
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